With every order, Navidium Shipping Protection is offered to insure your package gets to its destination safely! Once an item is placed into the cart, Shipping Protection is automatically accounted for and will show the price for the insurance. If the customer does not want Shipping Protection, it would have to be removed before checkout. 

What does Navidium Shipping Protection cover?
Shipping Protection covers lost, stolen, or damaged packages not caused by the customer. It does not cover packages shown to be delivered.

What to do if my package is lost/stolen/damaged?
If you opted for Shipping Protection and you order has appeared lost, stolen, or damaged, you can file a claim here.

If you did not opt in for Shipping Protection, RGMNT is not responsible for any lost/stolen/damaged packages per our Shipping & Handling policy. However, if you’re experiencing issues with your order delivery, simply email us at Support@rgmntco.com so the team can help you!